Valence 3D is a
3D design app
crafted for
iPhone & iPad

Unleash your creativity in 3D anywhere & anytime.

Valence 3D has been built from the ground up to maximize fun and flow while designing 3D models on iPad and iPhone.
Packed with a powerful suite of polygon & subdivision surface modeling tools, whether a novice or expert, there's no limit to what you can create.

Powerful Polygon Modeling Tools

Take your sketches to the next dimension with a suite of powerful modeling tools, operations and modifiers. Whether you're going for a faceted low-poly look or something more smooth and sleek, Valence has got you covered.
  • Interactive Gizmos

    Interactive Gizmos

    Helpful gizmos make it intuitive to select, move, scale and rotate meshes, faces, edges, and vertices.
  • Modeling Tools

    Modeling Tools

    Modeling is made easy with other gizmos that allow you to extrude, inset, bevel, poke, crease, and cut.
  • Mesh Operations

    Mesh Operations

    Subdivide, center pivot, transform, duplicate, instance, dissolve, collapse, delete, bridge, merge, separate & more.
  • Mesh Modifiers

    Mesh Modifiers

    Non-destructive modifiers make it easy to see what your model would look like mirrored or smoothed.
  • Multiple Selection

    Multiple Selection

    Easily select and modify multiple nodes or mesh components at once for faster modeling.
  • Pivots & Orientations

    Pivots & Orientations

    Apply complex transformations using different pivot points and gizmo orientations.

A Minimal, Modern & Fluid Interface

Only the most relevant tools & controls are shown when you need them, keeping you creative and in flow while modeling, editing & rendering. Navigating your scene is easy with the intelligent camera controller. Zoom in on your selection with auto-focus, or easily reset your camera with the home button.
Lasso & Drag Selection

Lasso & Drag Selection

Quickly select faces, edges, vertices, meshes by dragging or use the rectangular selection.
Rendering Modes

Rendering Modes

Need to see into an object? Try X-Ray! Other modes include diffuse, wireframe, physically based & path traced.

Precise Editing Made Simple

Easily adjust transforms, materials, modifiers and other display properties within the Inspector.

Configure Your Scene Quickly

Rename, hide, lock, parent, dissolve, detach, and perform other operations with the Outliner.

Tons of Completely Customizable Built-In Primitives Shapes







Rounded Box

Rounded Box





















Voronoi Delaunay

Voronoi Delaunay

Valence 3D is a powerful & portable swiss-army knife for your 3D design projects.

No matter whether you're a newcomer learning 3D modeling for the first time or a professional working in design, gaming, web dev, construction, digital fabrication, architecture, or spatial computing, Valence can help you get organized, sketch out ideas and so much more.

Powerful polygon modeling tools & operations

Numerous mesh operations & tools for extruding, insetting, beveling, cutting, creasing, bridging, & more

Create without getting overwhelmed by options.

Valence simplifies the 3D design process by only showing commands & tools that are contextually relevant

Get a smooth preview instantly with the subdivision modifier

Apply a subdivision surface modifier to smooth out your shapes. Then crease and tweak till perfect.

Save time by using modifiers to hyper accelerate your creativity

The mirror modifier is your best friend when symmetry is needed! Save time & be more precise models

15 fully procedural shape primitives to start from

15 completely procedural geometries are built in and ready to help you block out your ideas.

Change your perspective and go into various orthographic views

Quickly see your design from common orthographic views (top, bottom, right, left, front and back).

Duplicate your model with instancing enabled to save time

Duplicated meshes (with instancing on) keep their geometries linked & synced.

Precisely adjust model properties with the Inspector

Finetune in your model's transform, materials, modifiers and other properties with the inspector panel.

Drag & drop nodes in the Outliner to group them with other elements

Get an overview of your scene's nodes with the outliner. Long press a node to see its contextual options

Import existing 3D models and compose scenes

Bring your existing 3D assets together and compose scenes. 3D Models Credit:

Physically based materials make your models shine

Dial in your material parameters in the inspector and see your models change in real-time.

Preview your models with HDR Image Based Lighting

The scene inspector allows you to tweak your scene's camera, background, and rendering.

Preview path traced rendering in pseudo real-time (experimental)

We are excited to share our humble beginnings on a new path tracer to make your models shine.

Capture your rooms and quickly add dimensions

Redesign your space in minutes or create some dimensions and keep them saved for when you need them.

For devices with lidar sensors, start a lidar scan in two taps

Design in context by capturing the space around you. Generating a lidar scan has never been easier.

Preview your designs in your space with two taps

Export models with confidence that they will look magical on all Apple platforms by using AR Quicklook.

Export your models to various 3D file formats

Powerful exporting tools give you the right options so Valence can help add to your current workflow.

Share super high resolution renders in any aspect ratio

Save renders directly to your camera roll or share them via Apple’s Share Sheet.

Instantly get your model's measurements with one tap

By tapping the ruler button, you can easily see (and copy) your model's local & world dimensions.

Models are kept private and organized by date

Never lose track of a 3D model. Quickly create, share, duplicate, delete & rename your models!

Carefully Crafted &
Fully Optimized for
iPhone & iPad

Valence uses Apple's Metal API under the hood to render as many polygons as possible. Metal coupled with SwiftUI ensures you get the best experience across all your devices.
  • SatinPro GFX Engine

    SatinPro GFX Engine

    SatinPro takes full advantage of Apple's Metal architecture and is designed to get the best performance on iOS.
  • 120hz Performance

    120hz Performance

    Navigate at the blistering speed of 120fps with Apple's ProMotion technology on supported devices.
  • Multi-touch & Gestures

    Multi-touch & Gestures

    Intuitive multi-touch gestures like two-finger tap to Undo and three-finder tap to Redo accelerate your workflow.
  • Apple Pencil Support

    Apple Pencil Support

    Add an Apple Pencil to your setup, and seamlessly switch tools and bring up the context menu with a tap.
  • Path Tracing Support

    Path Tracing Support

    Preview your work with our real-time path tracer. Supported on iPads with M series chips and iPhones with A15 Bionic & later.
  • Preview in AR

    Preview in AR

    With two taps you'll effortlessly see your work in your space while creating it with Apple's powerful AR Quicklook.
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Frequently asked questions

For all other questions, troubleshooting, or to report a bug, please reach out to us.
    • Does my device support Lidar scanning or Room Planning?

      If your device has a lidar sensor, then yes it does!

    • Does my device support ray tracing?

      Ray tracing is supported on iPads with M series chips and iPhones with A15 Bionic and later.

    • Does Valence 3D have uv unwrapping tools or texturing capabilities?

      Not at the moment, but they are on the roadmap. We are working hard to make modeling in Valence 3D more powerful and robust.

    • Would it be possible to try Valence 3D for a day or week before purchasing?

      The short answer is no but also yes! Valence 3D is a one time purchase instead of a subscription. Building out the subscription option would have complicated the source code and locked features behind a paywall. If you are not satisfied with Valence 3D, you can get a refund from Apple.

    • How do I select a loop in Valence 3D?

      To select a loop (regardless of face, edge, or vertex) quickly triple tap the element and Valence will try to guess the loop you want to select. If it selects the wrong loop, you can help Valence by quickly tapping on three adjacent elements.

    • Valence is showing an iCloud Error... How do I enable iCloud Drive?

      Please go to the Settings app on iOS, tap on your name, then navigate to iCloud, then enable iCloud Drive.

    • My files are disappearing? How can I fix this or work around it?

      For some users, iCloud syncing has been very problematic. If you are having issues with disappearing files, you can completely Disable iCloud in the Settings. Valence will then move your models to the local Documents Directory.

    • What units are used in Valence 3D?

      Valence 3D by default assumes everything is either unitless or in meters. When you import a 3D model Valence 3D can convert from your model units to meters (which is what is assumed). If you select meters, there is no conversion that happens. When previewing in AR if you select meters, then no conversion is made. When bringing in a room plan or lidar scan the units are meters.

    • Does my purchase unlock the iPhone & iPad version of Valence 3D?

      Yes! When you purchase Valence 3D, you get both the iPhone & iPad apps.

    • Who is the team behind Valence 3D?

      Valence 3D is a product of Hi-Rez, Inc. A one person software & design company focused on making next generation design tools for content creation and creative exploration.

    • Where can I learn more about how to use the app? Is there a Discord?

      We are working on a user manual and a series of video tutorials that will help show how the app works. There is a Discord, but it's currently not set up for a bigger group of users. Later in April the Discord will be public.

    • Is there an Android version?

      Valence 3D is only on iOS. We are working hard to make sure Valence 3D delivers the best polygon modeling experience on iOS before we tackle any other platforms.

    • Will there be an Android version?

      When Valence 3D is more stable and feature complete, work will begin on an immersive Vision Pro version, then an Android version. Valence 3D roughly took 5 years to develop. We are guessing an Android version could be built in either half or two times the amount of time.

    • Where is the knife tool, booleans, solidify modifier, and other tools I'm used to using in [Insert Your Favorite Desktop Dcc]?

      We are actively working on more modeling tools and features to help you create the sickest 3D models possible on iOS These features will roll out over 2024.

    • Is this just Blender on iOS?

      Absolutely not. Valence 3D has been built from the ground up by one person. None of Blender's source code was used or even referenced while build Valence 3D. The rendering engine was written from scratch to ensure the best performance possible.

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